Color Palette

The City of Toledo color palette is welcoming and sturdy. Built with inclusivity in mind, the City color palette meets and/​or exceeds color accessibility standards. For accessibility and brand recognition, it’s important the color palette is handled consistently across all brand materials by using the guidelines below.

Primary Palette

The primary color palette for the City of Toledo includes light blue and navy. In any application, these colors should always be the most prominent, with the rest of the color palette serving as support. Always use the values outlined below when creating branded materials.


HEX: #123C5F RGB: 18, 60, 95
CMYK: 89, 62, 22, 0 PMS: 294

Light Blue

HEX: #14A0D2 RGB: 20, 160, 210
CMYK: 61, 9, 0, 0 PMS: 298


HEX: #FDC854 RGB: 253, 200, 84
CMYK: 0, 17, 72, 0 PMS: 128U, 134C

Medium Blue

HEX: #0D71BA RGB: 13, 113, 186
CMYK: 77, 30, 0, 0 PMS: 2382


HEX: #009D85 RGB: 0, 157, 133
CMYK: 79, 4, 49, 0 PMS: 2400

Color Accessibility

Accessible design allows users of all abilities to navigate, understand, and use a brand. The City of Toledo strives to be accessible across all applications of its brand, including color contrast.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 serves as the standard for website color accessibility and informs print accessibility as well. In order to comply, foreground-background color contrast must achieve a ratio of at least 4.5:1. The minimum compliance is AA (4.5:1 and above). The highest compliance is AAA (7:1 and above).

With that in mind, the following examples show acceptable color combinations and the best ways to use the palette.

Accessible for Any Use
Navy and White
Navy and Yellow
Medium Blue and White
Accessible for headlines (18 pt. font and above) and non-essential graphics
Light Blue and navy
White and Light Blue
Yellow and Medium Blue
White and Green
Green and Navy
Do not use these color combinations
White and Yellow
Medium Blue and Navy
Yellow and Light Blue
Yellow and Green
Light Blue and Medium Blue
Green and Medium Blue
Green and Light Blue


If you're not sure on something or need additional materials, please contact the City of Toledo Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Department.