Brand Guide

City of Toledo

This brand guide is designed to be a tool – a set of standards for creating and maintaining consistency across all facets of the City of Toledo brand. It provides a foundation and specifications the City of Toledo brand to maintain its integrity. Every brand application, small or large, is important to the bigger picture; consistency is key.


An accessible website considers the audience and prioritizes the user's needs.

Accessible design empowers users of all abilities to successfully navigate, understand, and experience a brand. Using data-driven decisions, each aspect of the City of Toledo brand was developed with ethical and legal guidelines for accessibility and inclusivity in mind. It is imperative to uphold and adhere to these guidelines, as well as continue to evolve and grow the specifications as-needed.

A Strong Brand

A brand is the feeling people have about you.

It's a collection of the interactions you have with your audience and how you connect who you are to what you do. It's important the visual elements and language support and uphold the values of the City of Toledo, while also maintaining a consistent voice across every application of the brand.


If you're not sure on something or need additional materials, please contact the City of Toledo Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Department.