Primary Logo

The City of Toledo logo is bold, just like the City itself. The logo’s geometric shapes balance a playful and utilitarian tone to create a hardworking, highly reproducible form at both large and small sizes.

The logo comes in multiple colors to provide appropriate contrast on colored and busy backgrounds. The logo is available in its primary light blue and navy form, as well as three two-color reverse options. There is also a one-color version that can be used when needed, though it is not the preferred version for applications.

Download the logos in various file formats using the link below.

White and Navy Reverse
Light Blue and White Reverse
Yellow and White Reverse

Clear Space

Proper clear space surrounding the logo enforces brand recognition and reduces competing visual elements. The logo shouldn’t be too close to any other graphic elements or the edge of a page.

Be sure to refer to the diagram below when placing the logo into artwork.

Minimum Reproduction Size

In addition to clear space, the logo’s integrity also relies on keeping it at a legible size. For accessibility purposes, the logo should never be used at less than 0.75 inch wide in any application.


The ​“TOL” mark and logotype should be used together whenever a logo is needed. In special cases, the mark can be used on its own in one of two ways: as an interactive element and within a layout.

More information on specialty-use situations is included below.

Interactive Graphic Element

It is best to use this very sparingly and with an audience that is already familiar with the brand. The following examples propose two specialty-use situations.

A large-scale public art installation in prominent City settings provides a memorable and interactive way to engage with residents and visitors.
Interactive physical letters create a playful photo opportunity. Photos, when featured on the City's website, social media, or other applications, should also include a full version of the logo.

Within a Layout

The second use for the "TOL" mark is as an element within a layout, where the "O" can be used as a graphic feature. In these instances, the artwork should also include a full standard logo.

In this example, the "O" contains an icon relevant to the content of the postcard. Please note in this example, the full City of Toledo logo would be included on the back of the postcard.
In this example, the "O" is being used as a photo frame overlay.


Brand consistency increases accessibility and helps the user know what to expect. Logo treatment is no exception. The following examples show logo violations — please refrain from using the logo in any of the following ways.

Do not rotate or change the orientation of the logo in any way.
Do not stretch the logo.
Do not add a drop shadow or any other effect to the logo.
Do not change the color of the logo.
Do not change the lockup of the logo in any way.
Do not crop any part of the logo in any way.


Within the City of Toledo organization, many entities exist as a sub-brand to the City ​“parent” brand. These entities include departments, divisions, and initiatives that must be able to identify and differentiate themselves. However, it is important each of these sub-groups remain connected to the larger organization.

The sub-brands use the typographic lockup outlined below. Existing lockups are available for download below. If you are in need of a new lockup, please contact the City of Toledo Communications Department to have one created for you.

Clear Space

It is very important the lockups follow the established spacing guidelines for consistency and legibility. Be sure to refer to the diagram below when placing the logo into artwork.


The following examples show how these lockups can be used in various applications.


If you're not sure on something or need additional materials, please contact the City of Toledo Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Department.